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Our Mission

Four Star Hockey exists to improve every aspect of the player's life. We are coaches, teachers, guidance counselors, family advisors and inspirational leaders. Our ability to educate, amplify talent and strengthen the bond between player and the game is unparalleled. We are dedicated to developing personal growth, game comprehension and to providing in-depth and honest player advisory services. We use a multitude of playing, coaching, scouting and training experiences of which we have encountered to help further your depth of understanding. All while providing you with sound advice to help your career reach its maximum potential.

Four Star Hockey is here for YOU. For, you are the most integral part of the equation. Every ounce of our energy is dedicated to making you a star in your own right. We exist to provide you with a brighter ‘right now’ and a significantly more enlightened tomorrow. We develop players through placing them in challenging and captivating situations that constantly evolve. All of this while nurturing your love and passion of the game to ensure lifelong inspiration.

We are determined to deepen your insight of the hockey lifestyle and the many joys and challenges that lie within.

Our dedication to the game and this way of life is something we take very seriously. This hockey lifestyle takes dedication and is something that we hold near and dear to our hearts. From playing and coaching youth associations in Minnesota to professional hockey around the globe, we have always been obsessed with personal growth and, now, the advancement of every hockey generation to follow. Our dream and directives have evolved over time, but they have never strayed from our hearts: the love of the game and the quest to discover the true growth of human potential.

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